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Quality and Craftsmanship

The technology of home building has improved tremendously through modern construction techniques and materials. New homes are built better than ever before. They are solidly constructed and well designed for today’s lifestyles. They are energy efficient, with excellent indoor air quality. From air-conditioning systems to roofing shingles and windows, R&R's product works better, last longer and look better. The result is a brand new home that is far more comfortable, easier to maintain, and more enjoyable to live in.

Maintaining our rigorous quality standards is second nature to us. We assure the quality of every construction project by sticking to strict, uncompromising criteria for every stage of the building process, from our designers and architects, to the trades-people and suppliers we use, to the materials we select to create the customer's needs and desires.

QUALITY - The products and providers we use have proven track records of high reliability.

SERVICE - Our service and product providers must be able to meet our rigid standards of workmanship, efficiency and after-sales service.

TIMELINESS - - We use vendors that consistently adhere to our schedule to maintain quality assurance and effective turnaround times.

RELATIONSHIP - We establish long-term relationships with suppliers that deliver their products and/or services reliably and with exceptional quality, and eliminate relationships with those that don't.

VALUE - We work tirelessly to ensure that the products and services we use are the best value for the money. Quality always comes first, but if we can find that quality for less it allows us to pass the savings to our customers.

Core Values

CHRISTIANITY : We will act in a "Christ Like" manner in everything we do.

INTEGRITY/HONESTY : We trust each other to always do the right thing, be candid with everyone including ourselves, to go the extra mile, to demonstrate courage and to act in all things with truthfulness and sincerity.

PASSION : Approach all things with love in our heart and be committed beyond compare.

ACCOUNTABILITY : If it is going to be, it is up to me.

URGENCY : We will act on all tasks with immediate attention.

RESPECT : Simply stated - We live by the Golden Rule.

LOYALTY : We believe in building business partnerships and friendships that last a lifetime.

TEAMWORK : By working together to accomplish our goals we will persist and succeed.

ENJOYMENT : Laugh each day and celebrate our achievements.